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Welcome to T.P. (True Power).

A fun comic about friendship, aliens, and flashlights!

Updates: Wednesdays (or Thursdays) and Saturdays

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New layout

Just updated to a new template because even though I like the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the default one, it was becoming an eye sore. So I'm going with this other simple layout and seeing how it goes.

Though not a fan of the writing at the top... hmm...

posted by Cave @ 01 Jan 2012 11:22 pm   1 comments

Fanart/Volume 1

The first volume of T.P. has a release date of either January or February (I'm hoping). There'll be more information as it gets closer to being printed, but I can let you know some basics now. The size will be 5x7.75(slightly longer than your American graphic novel) and I'm aiming for 200 pages which will include 9 chapters of the comic.

PLUS! There will be a fanart section in the back. If you'd like to see your fanart printed (in greyscale, by the way), feel free to send it in:

Requirements: At least 300dpi and a flat image (no layers). Don't resize it to be 5 inches, I will do resizing for you. I may also have to adjust it in Photoshop (like the grey balance) just so no one freaks out. xD But that's only if your scan looks crappy. lol.

Don't send me a 20MB file please. I don't even think hotmail can accept that big. No bigger than 5MB.

I'll also post your fanart here. :3 (I'll make a section if I get any.)

Also, if you want to pimp out the URL of your comic/art site, you certainly may put the link on it. ^^ Any other questions, please e-mail me.

posted by Cave @ 27 Mar 2007 05:22 pm   2 comments

The Beginning...

So T.P. is now up at SmackJeeves, but you can also keep in touch at the LiveJournal community, especially if that's more convenient for you.

This is a perfect day for a beginning. The weather has just gotten warmer and outside it is starting to smell and feel like Spring. And here in DC you know what the means. Yes, the cherry blossoms are blooming already. Today was so beautiful and work was so boring. But if you're in the DC area, be sure to check out the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) which I have nicknamed SakuMatsuCon (they're really pushing the anime/manga thing it seems).

For T.P. the pages will be going up gradually, or all at once. Probably all at once, but there will also be a new page soon which means a total of 12 pages. For those interested in knowing, I plan to get it printed in the future once 9 chapters are done. Big plans for that are already brainstorming!

Enjoy your stay and have fun with Mark and Gio!

edit: I forgot to mention that you can also find T.P. at OnlineComics!

posted by Cave @ 22 Mar 2007 05:57 pm   1 comments

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