T.P. (True Power)

Chapter 04 Page 13

July 3rd, 2007, 1:47 pm
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From the Author
Cave July 3rd, 2007, 1:53 pm
Another day, another page. :D Once again, thank you guys for all your support while I draw this story! I'm glad so many people are able to enjoy the comic I love to draw~.

One thing I'd like to talk about though is a somewhat subjective side of plagarism. I was watching Fairly OddParents (teh rule) and remembered an artist I saw before on DevArt who drew exactly like Butch Hartman (obviously, not him though). Which also reminds me when I saw someone who draws exactly like Fujiryu (of Houshin Engi fame) and the many other people that draw like Jhonen Vasquez.

Becoming an artist is all about creating your own personal style and I think there comes a point where you copy someone else's style to the point where its plagarism. Its a sad world. D: If you look through an issue of Shounen Jump (or any mangazine), you'll see such a variety of everything in there.

Of course, it just isn't the same with OEL manga and many of the artists out there. They all look the same to me, save for a handful, and all try to be copying something they just fail at.
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Panther385 July 3rd, 2007, 8:23 pm
Mark's such a jerk sometimes... He's like: "Okay, yeah, whatever. >_>; "

I agree with you on the plagarism part... Isn't part of being an artist developing your own unique style? :P
Cave July 3rd, 2007, 9:56 pm

Yeah, he's a real jerk right now. :D
off-white July 3rd, 2007, 11:51 pm
I have no problem with someone's style being inspired by another persons. (I mean just about all shonen manga is inspired by Akira Toriyama's Dragonball, art and storywise)
But outright copies are just annoying... I don't read a lot of mangas because they're so alike in story/art.
whitechocolate July 4th, 2007, 12:43 am
Poor guy... I like the full-panelness. =) Mark is just an afterthought at the bottom... as he should be. The jerk. Even if you hate the gift, you don't freaking break it! Sheesh. *makes dimissive hand motion*