T.P. (True Power)

Chapter 13 Page 10

October 28th, 2009, 11:14 pm
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From the Author
Cave October 28th, 2009, 11:14 pm
Holy carp.. two pages in one week!
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Salimus October 29th, 2009, 4:50 pm
OMG! It's a Halloween Micricle!:D
Cave October 29th, 2009, 5:08 pm
Yes! And more to come too! :D
off-white March 28th, 2010, 12:40 am
O.o !
Cave March 28th, 2010, 9:49 am
What's up O-W!
off-white March 30th, 2010, 7:19 pm
Nothing, just wandering around SJ to see what's going on. How about you?
Cave April 6th, 2010, 2:30 am
Same here. Been busy with everything but TP. But hoping to get some work done on it soon again. I've just been pretty tired and stressed out. sigh...
off-white August 28th, 2010, 6:23 pm
And award for latest reply ever goes to me! I recently I found time to draw some pages unfortunately I has no interwebs. So when I do get back BOOSH! Page overload!
Cave August 30th, 2010, 2:44 pm
Ahhh, that sucks... The page of TP I have half-finished keeps staring at me. o.o Maybe I'll do some work on it today or tomorrow. heh
off-white September 3rd, 2010, 6:47 pm
I've had that b4 the page taunting me to be finished
off-white September 29th, 2010, 8:49 am
The lack of interwebs, while being pure suck, has given me enough of nothing to do so that I actually got some motivation and drew some pages. Of course this hardly makes up for the 2 years of random updates and just pure neglect....
Cave September 4th, 2011, 1:11 am

If anyone cares. lol Going to finish this goddammit!!!
off-white September 8th, 2011, 1:03 pm
Me ME! I care...
Cave September 8th, 2011, 4:32 pm

And.... ah, need to set up my scanner...